September 18, 2015

3D-printed fashion is no stranger to the runways. Designers have used the technology for select pieces, but it wasn’t until Israeli designer Danit Peleg’s designs hit the catwalk that 3D printed accounted for an entire collection.

From shoes to skirts, and everything in between, Peleg glued together small A4 pieces printed from small consumer 3D printers to piece literally piece together her designs.

While the approach is certainly innovative and creative, it was far from easy or inexpensive. According to an article in Bloomberg Business, the entire process took over 300 hours and just one of the printers that Peleg used retails for roughly $2,000.

Peleg is hopeful that the speediness 3D printers, coupled with falling prices over time, will help establish the practice as a fashion industry norm. Issues like material cost and intellectual property spats have stifled the 3D printing industry’s growth, but as far as the future of fashion goes, it’s clear that 3D printing will continue to play a strategic role for both designer and consumer.


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