February 24, 2017


As concerns about cybersecurity threats grow, companies need to hire more experts to help them address potential problems. Since this is a relatively new job field with a labor shortage, there is a great opportunity for women to fill these open positions.

According to the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, only 11% of the world’s information security workforces are women. While these numbers are very low, demand for cybersecurity talent is growing every year. There were over one million cybersecurity jobs available in the past year, with many of them going unfilled.

Alongside increased career opportunities is an increase in programs for women to learn about cybersecurity. They are geared toward education and opportunities for internships and jobs for women. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering offers the GenCyber Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS) Summer Program for High School Women. This program provides an introduction to cybersecurity for high school women.

Other programs include one offered by the SANS Institute, a leading information security training provider. Their program is called the SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy for Women. This accelerated training and certification program offers women a fast track to top jobs in cybersecurity.

With numerous opportunities for education and employment, it is the perfect time for women to join the ever growing field of cybersecurity.


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