January 12, 2022

CES 2022 returned to Las Vegas last week to celebrate the latest and greatest gadgets and tech toys. (Did anyone else see that video of the car that changed colors? Whoa.)

But CES isn’t just a showcase of the latest in consumer electronics (despite its name.)

“At CES, there are technologies from across the spectrum”, said Steve Welby, IEEE Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “I see enormous opportunities around clean energy, and I’m very excited by healthcare technologies.”

IEEE’s booth presence focused on the emerging promise of smart cities technology. But its impact went even further. Members of the organization were on the floor at CES as exhibitors for their own projects, as attendees and as experts to help the media decipher some of the trends on the ground. Here are some of their insights:

From Welby, a look at the promising sustainability technologies on display.

From IEEE Fellow John Verboncoeur, a look at the ways engineers are creating food technology for a future where more than 9 billion people share planet Earth. 

IEEE LIfe Fellow Tom Coughlin saw the early building blocks of the metaverse, and new frontiers in electric mobility.

When new technology makes its debut, it usually has its coming out party at CES, which is why the show is so important. It’s exciting to see so much new technology in one place, and we can’t wait until next year.


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