February 1, 2017


The robots we see portrayed in movies and on TV have yet to become a mainstay in our homes. One company, Mayfield Robotics, is trying to change that with an autonomous robot named Kuri that they debuted at CES last month. The 20-inch robot is only 14 pounds and features a cute face and a simple design. The robot isn’t comprised of screens or animation, but instead only has eyes and a head in a simple rolling body shape.

While the outside of the robot is not very exciting, the intelligence inside is very advanced. The personal robot is designed to be used for entertainment but also utilitarian with connections to smart home technologies. The robot has microphones to hear commands, a camera for  security and watching your home and pets when you are away. The sensor system allows for Kuri to navigate your home and follow you around. Working as a speaker, Kuri can play your music, read stories to your children, and more. The robot can even find its charger and dock so you don’t have to remember to charge it.

Helpful robots, like Kuri, will hopefully bring us even further into the world of automated smart home technology.  


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