September 6, 2017

The Cloud has the potential to enhance the field of robotics. Robotics and automation systems rely on data and code from a network for operation, but this network does not have to be a standalone system.

Cloud infrastructure and its extensive set of Internet-accessible resources have the potential to provide significant benefits to robots and automation systems. Utilizing the cloud will enable robots to use wireless, networking, big data, cloud computing machine learning, and open-source. This will improve performance for all of the robots applications.

The cloud also allows for the sharing of data which can be very helpful for robot learning. The data on outcomes and performance of similar programs can be shared, helping to make learning easier.

While using the cloud for robotics has many benefits, there are many challenges to overcome. Privacy and security are large concerns when it comes to the collection and storage of data in the cloud.

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A Survey of Research on Cloud Robotics and Automation

The Cloud has potential to enhance a broad range of robots and automation systems.


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