July 7, 2017

A cloud infrastructure has the potential to benefit the ever-increasing need for external assistance for the operation of robotics and automation systems. The cloud can provide servers, storage, networks, applications, and services that can be shared without having to worry about maintenance and software or hardware updates.

Using the cloud as opposed to a stand-alone system can provide robots and automation systems with access to a vast volume  of data, called Big Data, that is not possible to maintain in onboard memory. Having the data in one place facilitates machine learning, which is extremely important to the advancement of artificial intelligence technology.

Data can also be shared in the cloud, which can help to predict performance and outcomes for robot learning. Another benefit of using the cloud infrastructure is the availability to open-source and open-access allowing more collaborative learning.  

Using the cloud will enable a new generation of robots and automation systems to be used for a variety of real world applications such as manufacturing, assembly, driving, medicine, and for consumer home use.

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