June 29, 2017

The next generation of children will be born into a world surrounded by technology, including solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Generation AI will rely on artificial intelligence to assist them through all the milestones in their lives.

While many people think of AI as a futuristic technology, AI is something we encounter today in ways that some people may not even realize. For example, when you use an internet search engine, the search terms and predictive text are powered by AI.

This new generation will be much more aware of their AI interactions. They will converse with digital assistants, learn new skills from robots and be driven around in cars that are controlled by AI. Generation AI will become more independent as they grow up, thanks to assistance from AI, which will actually force them to become interdependent on the technology.

Discover more about Generation AI and how AI will play a major role in milestones at each stage of life.


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