November 3, 2015

The Center Stage of Web Summit at Simmons Court was full to the brim when Michael Dell of, you guessed it, Dell, came to the stage, joined by David Rowan of WIRED.

The conversation jumped right in, addressing Dell’s acquisition of EMC, something that Rowan called both ambitious and bold.

On the subject of risk, Dell explained the acquisition as innovative, saying that “risk goes along with innovation.” He explained that with the ever-evolving IT industry, risk is something all companies must embrace.

The conversation ran the gamut of Dell’s business, with Dell explaining his company’s structure, saying that it’s made up of units – many of which have been startups that were incubated within the organization.

Considering the forward-thinking acquisition of EMC, Dell went on to talk broadly about the IoT. He called it the “explosion of devices” with opportunities within the many applications that power IoT devices.

Dell explained that he views his legacy business — the PC business of Dell — as a companion to the company’s innovative aspirations, with 1.8 billion PCs in the world today. In fact, he called it the foundation of the IoT and the future of the IT industry. He clarified that when we think about that side of the business, it’s not just the desktop PC — it’s mobile, it’s gaming, etc.

As the panel wrapped, Dell emphasized that in concert with his focus on IoT and the device boom, he’s also paying very close attention to the respective security considerations behind each technology.


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