March 9, 2016

Engineers are constantly churning out interesting products, updates and research, and thanks to social channels like Twitter, it’s easier to stay in the loop with these tech trends. Get a behind the scenes look at different types of engineers, including how they work and live, by following these 6 engineers on Twitter.

  1. Solder On: As an electrical engineer, Jeff Keyzer (@MightyOhm) shares a glimpse into the process behind consumer electronics. His tweets are entertaining and interactive, with videos and images of his own work on display.
  2. MythBusters Mystique: You don’t have to be a fan of MythBusters to appreciate its star, Adam Savage (@DontTryThis). His tweets lure readers into his quirky experiments and adventures in science.
  3. Fun with Physics: MIT physics grad Dianna Cowern (@thephysicsgirl) shares her love for physics and science with the world through her fun videos, best described by her Twitter bio as ”fun physics videos for every atom and eve.”
  4. A Maker’s Mark: Meredith Lee (@mmlee) is an engineer and self-proclaimed maker who wears the dayjob hat of Executive Director at Big West Data Hub. She tweets about data science integration into society.  
  5. Engineering Broadcast: Chris Gammell (@Chris_Gammell) is an electrical engineer who loves to tinker with electronics, and amazes his followers in 140-character spurts alongside his engineering podcast @TheAmpHour.  
  6. Pin It: Makers and tinkerers rejoice and click follow — Tracy Chou (@Triketora) is one of the engineering minds behind social media favorite, Pinterest. Her tweets are powerful as they explore the topics of diversity and inclusion in engineering.


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