May 8, 2017

The term Internet of Things, or IoT, is known for the role it plays in improving or “connecting” the lives of  consumers. As the need for connectivity and automation expands, the focus on the IoT has grown to include industrial companies. The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, brings together entire networks that help power industries. Putting machines, analytics and the people that work in industries together in one network can have  positive results.  

The IIoT is already transforming industries by using predictive analytics to assess capacity at a plant, prevent cyber attacks over control panels, and even tapping into the existing infrastructure to use streetlights to help create smart cities. Harnessing the power of an already existing industry like energy, a customizable router was made that could plug into the cobra head of a light pole. This seemingly small innovation can make an entire city smarter.  Sensors also play an important role in the IIoT. Sensors can be used to measure air pollution to improve the health of residents and shape city planning and operations.

Integrating the IIoT into their daily operations has the potential to improve efficiency, productivity and performance for industries. While the energy industry is just one example, the IIoT can help positively affect both energy production and consumption, both of which would benefit the global economy.

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Revolutionizing the IIoT Industry One Streetlight at a Time

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