August 19, 2016


Wouldn’t it be great if your plants could talk to you and tell you when they need to be watered, fertilized or if they are stressed? A Swiss company has engineered a device that can read the electrical signals given off by a plant and in turn help make your garden grow.

Two different sensors, one that is placed in the soil and another clipped to a leaf, are used to collect the “biosignals” — electrical signals given off by plants.. The sensors pass along the information to a signal processor which translates the signals into sounds that are broadcast through a speaker. The unique sounds can be analyzed by your mobile device to understand the plant’s stress level and how to help. The data collection is a group effort which includes an online community of people who want to learn more about plans and their needs.

While it might seem strange to attach a wearable device to your household plants, studying the language of your plants can help you to become a more successful gardener.


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