January 23, 2017


Some advances in technology may not be as shiny and fun-looking as a VR headset, but a new product debuted at CES this year is hoping to change the way new mothers pump milk for their babies, bringing the technology into the 21st century.

Willow is the first smart, wearable breast pump that takes away the hassle of cords and tubes and complicated cleanup. The pump is hands-free and is worn under clothing. Many traditional breast pumps are loud and also restricts multitasking and mobility for new mothers while they are pumping. Willow’s ingenious device is designed to work while mom goes about her day.

Another benefit that brings pumping into the future is the device’s companion app. The app keeps track of pumping sessions and how much milk is produced, a task that used to involve manual logging by the mother.  

Willow was among a series of other tech tools at CES 2017 that represent tech advancements for all stages of parenting.


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