June 21, 2016


Smart devices and appliances have started to infiltrate the kitchen with the goal of making our lives easier when it comes to preparing meals. The engineering of items like multicookers and slow cookers, scales and ovens, strive to bring the future into our kitchens.


Multicookers make cooking a little easier by allowing you to saute and slow cook in the same appliance. But now, IoT-enhanced devices can guide you through step-by-step recipes, use Wi-Fi® (IEEE 802.11) to connect to an cooking app and use interactive touchscreen technology. Having extra help to guide you through a difficult technique or recipe can elevate your skills to the next level.


Taking the guesswork out of temperature control is a huge win for an IoT oven. The newest countertop ovens contain technology and processors that identify and know how to reheat or evenly cook your food. Some models even have a camera so you can livestream the cooking process. Other innovations include an oven that cooks healthy, prepared meals with a simple scan of the barcode.


Inaccurate measures can lead to food that doesn’t cook or taste quite right. Smart scales connected to an app promise precision, alerting you to too much of an ingredient, while moving with you step-by- step through the recipe.

Slow Cookers

Since a slow cooker is already an appliance that is basically fool-proof, the IoT component gives you a little more control over the cooking. Connecting to the settings for your slow cooker requires an app and Wi-Fi, allowing you to adjust temperature and cooking time from anywhere.

The future of food and cooking is certainly smarter, with a little added technology to shaping technique and tastes. Check out more IoT technologies in our VR Home of the Future.


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