February 6, 2017


The power to pedal from one place to another on a bike is a pretty standard experience that requires no smart technology, until now. LeEco has designed a smart bicycle, unveiled at CES 2017, that takes riding a bike to the next level.

While this bike is still a prototype, the smart functionality will work using Android technology. Smart road bike and smart mountain bike models will be loaded with a touch screen panel located on the front of the bicycle. It will provide the rider with navigation, a walkie-talkie feature to communicate with other LeEco smart bikes, a compass, accelerometer, an alarm, a horn and social features. The technology will also allow for third party accessories and apps for even more customization.

Some low tech solutions are better left untouched, however, enhancing road and mountain bikes with smart technology helps to improve performance, safety, and the overall biking experience.


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