January 5, 2017

Most people think of biometrics when they are being used for security applications, but they also have major implications for athletes. No matter the sport, all athletes are concerned with performance and safety, making the Prevent Biometrics smart mouthguard an important innovation.  

Designed for athletes, the mouthguard aims to reduce the volume of undetected concussions by using sensors to identify real-time impact. Prevent uses the standard “boil and bite” method to precisely mold the mouthguard, and is equipped with wireless syncing and charging.

The device has an LED sensor that flashes when the head is impacted, and data is collected to pinpoint where the impact was sustained, and with how much force.

With more than 3.8 million athletes suffering sports concussions each year, there’s big potential for biometrics to enhance detection. The data collected on multiple athletes may also be useful in broader injury and impact prevention.


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