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Spectra Illuminated Electric Violins

MAKERS: David COUNTRY: United States

An instrument with a visual twist! Spectra violins put on a dazzling display of lights as you play, giving your audience a musically inspired light show.

The Purpose

Music is such a vital part of our lives, and learning how to play an instrument will both enrich a persons life and help build valuable life skills. Spectra violins are intended to inspire all generations, especially youth, with music and engineering by grabbing people's attention with a spectacular musically driven light show.

The Technology

Music is a subjective realm of interesting problems with even more interesting solutions. To produce a light output, a violinist must play a note which must be processed by a micro-controller from raw sensor data such as a piezoelectric pickup. The micro-controller employs signal processing algorithms, such as ACF and AMDF, which attempts to determine pitch information of a violins quasi-harmonic tone. From this information, a bowed notes power profile and duration is used in determining a PWM signal pattern to drive multi-colored LED lights to signify a response.

Additional Details

I have more photos on my Facebook Page . I also have more videos! I recently just submitted a dream video to another contest located at:

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