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MAKERS: Aditya

It is basically a 4x4 LED CUBE with 64 LED's and an Atmel Atmega16 microcontroller which enables us to program different patterns according to which the LED's may light up. A 8-15V d.c. input is required, which is then passed through a simple IC7805 regulator, a 1000uF & 10uF capacitor, which is inturn fed into the microcontroller, which inturn is connected to the different components according to it's pin configuration from the datasheet. The microcontroller addresses each LED by means of a row&column. Since only one LED will intersect with any single row&column, this allows us to light each LED singly. This enables us to program desired patterns into the Atmega16 , thus making a wonderful display of lights. I am a first year student pursuing my Bachelors degree in Engineering in Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering in PSG College Of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India. I created this project solely based on my morbid curiosity and joblessness before being admitted into college.

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