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GSM Based Gas Leakage Detection And Controll System

MAKERS: Tajammal

MQ-5 ( methane gas sensor) , Exhaust fan, Solenoid valve, Temperature sensor, LCD display and GSM modem are interfaced with Microcontroller ?At89c51?. Leakage of gas is detected by sensor and at the same time alarm activated, exhaust is switched on, solenoid valve is closed and a text message is sent to owner using GSM modem..After removing gas, the exhaust is switched off.Temperature sensor is used to detect fire.When fire detected alarm is activated, all exit doors are open automatically and a text message is sent to owner and Fire Brigade using GSM modem.We also interface camera which transmit video wirelessly.. Keil software is used for programming of Microcontroller At89c51. For simulation Proteus is used.

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