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Edelweiss 64-bit CPU Architecture

MAKERS: Radoslav COUNTRY: Bulgaria

Product NightWave using the built in Edelweiss 64-bit CPU Architecture Its purpose is to accelerate and improve the performance of any PC connected to it, like desktop computers & tablets.


The Purpose

NightWave is an innovative device developed by me personally. Its purpose is to accelerate and improve the performance of any PC connected to it, such as desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops. This performance improvement is achieved when NightWave is plugged into a smartphone or laptop and the built-in processor is replaced with the one build in to NightWave a six-core 64-bit microprocessor with 4MB L3 cache. At the beginning of the video, a GeakBenck 3 Benchmark test on a smartphone is produced that gives relevant results. The second part of the video on the smartphone includes NightWave after the required settings. The Benchmark test is repeated and the results are compared to those in the first test. It is seen that the single core score has doubled by 100%. It is important to note that these results have not been achieved by overclocking the phone's processor. Instead I used revolutionary data transfer, addressing, and data processing algorithms designed by me that allow two processors to connect with each other and handle different parts of the same software instruction set together. This compatibility between processors is accomplished by specifically designed X72 programming instructions that link the Intel X86 instructions to the AMD X64 instructions. Required software system functionality is built into NightWave's memory and installed after connecting to a device is compatible with Android and iOS for portable devices as well as Windows and MAC OS for desktop computers and laptops. For new software releases, news and more product information, or if you want to contact me, visit the official NightWave site

The Technology

The first ever Microprocessor Architecture that can run with outside CPU's and make them run twice as fast.

Additional Details

The Edelweiss 64-bit CPU Architecture was nominated Four time for the presidential award given by the president of the republic of Bulgaria Two times by President Rosen Plevneliev 2016 Two times by President Rumen Radev 2017 The NightWave CPU has over 5 000 000 transistors. Contact info or call me at (+359) 089 924 3016 Yambol ,Bulgaria

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