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Smart ride

MAKERS: Milin , Shrinil COUNTRY: India

the best product will be developed by me to show the demo of my project to make an autonoous car lazed with sensors and another programmed proccesor linked


The Purpose

to make the driver feel that happiness and stress free environment to drive safely . so as to reduce to stress level.

The Technology

using python based hardware based coding to develop a neural network that will collect the data of the car stats and generate the output based on that that make the user experience his driving becoming smart.using a raspberry pi board, set of cameras and arduino uno with some sensors. to fetch he data from the real world.

Additional Details

anti theft system will be developed , forward collision alert system side ways air bags deployment when object approaches with high ensure safety. and in real life user will experience the smartness and reduced stress level and enhanced of safety and smartness and ease th3e owner or driver feel while driving . the side mirro i removed and inserted camera & screen projected in above steering wheel so driver don't have to look sidways to see the back he can focus on staright of car avoiding any chance accident due to unattention.

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