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Watch IT: An Assistive Device for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

MAKERS: MD SADAD , MD Saniat Rahman COUNTRY: Bangladesh

In this paper there is an assistive device has been made which aids hearing impaired ensuring freedom to communicate easily with anyone getting close.


The Purpose

The goal of this project is to design an assistive device by which a hearing and speech impaired people can easily communicate with other people. Some medical therapy and devices are available in the market but they are costly and provide short time treatment only. To recover all these problems an assistive will be designed in this project which will make a person?s wish come true and helps those speech and hearing impaired persons to see the expressions and the words of their closed one.

The Technology

The system of communication of our device is very simple. The person who wants to communicate with the deaf person, his voice is sent as input through the mobile app to convert it in to text for sending it in to Arduino Uno through the Bluetooth module and finally it makes visible on the LCD screen.

Additional Details

Some of the advantages of this device are discussed below- ? Communication between normal person and hearing impaired person becomes easier. ? Useful in medical purpose in accidental cases. ? Freedom of displaying any speech in text. ? Catching the clear speech avoiding noise. ? No limitation of specific voice. ? No chance of hacking the system ? Easy to carry with and operate. ? Cost effective and less power consuming. . It is just our very little try. We want to make a person?s wish come true. We want to help those deaf and hearing impaired persons to see the expressions and the words of their closed one.

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