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Bluetooth controlled Quadcopter

MAKERS: Rishabh COUNTRY: India

Designing a self made mulirotor using MultiWii v2.5 SE and controlling it via both Android Application using Bluetooth and Remote Control.

The Purpose

For a drone to fly autonomously, all the necessary sensors, processing power, and communication chips must be built-in. While that may not seem like much, it actually eliminates a lot of currently existing commercial civilian drones available to the general public. Using a mobile application makes it easy to develop the software and to share code between a PC and the smartphone. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel?the smartphone has all the necessary components: camera, GPS, Accelerometer, and 3G, and this is what I have done in this project.

The Technology

The USP of this project is it's integration with Android using a mobile application. It has always been cumbersome to key in values of different parameters in a Quadcopter using Hit and Trial method. Using an Android app the same can be done by changing the values on the go, thereby reducing both time consumed and manual effort.

Additional Details

1. Self made Quadcopter that has Bluetooth Functionality 2. Can communicate with both the Android App and Remote Control at the same time, thereby reducing both effort and time. 3. While it is clear from the video that there is an issue with Calibration of Mobile's sensor to enable proper flight, the readings are visible as can be screen from the screenshots attached and can be changed as well.

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