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Human energy vehicle augmented with electric drive

MAKERS: Mohamed Danish COUNTRY: India

The objective is to come up with a vehicle that is powered both by human energy as well as an electric drive. In this we are multiplying the output rotation.

The Purpose

A vehicle with dual drive:Human energy drive and Electric drive. A eco friendly transport vehicle. A vehicle that encourages to maintain good health. A vehicle that eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels. A low cost vehicle. A vehicle which requires less maintenance.

The Technology

Effort is made to develop an effective human energy drive mechanism which requires less input energy from the rider and provide more drive potential to the wheels. Also effort is made to provide an electric drive alternative which can be charged by plugging to AC source and also a recharging system is planned when the vehicle is running on human energy input.

Additional Details

Sincere efforts are being made to optimize vehicular design of human energy vehicles do as to come up with a vehicle that requires less human effort as input and increased propulsion as the output.

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