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Full Home Automation System with Azure and Voice Assistance

MAKERS: Rishabh COUNTRY: India

Using Raspberry Pi 2, Azure, and Voice Assistance (Windows and Android) observe how your home not only gets automated, but also self aware.

The Purpose

We all know how Home Automation has been integrated into our day to day lives - from controlling window panes to making a secure house free from theft. I plan on going even a step forward by integrating simple sensors that I have lying around in my house and make a secure system that not only detects any activity inside the house but also informs the person of impending fire hazards and thefts. All of this will be sensed via the Raspberry Pi 2 and be sent to the user via a mobile app implementing Microsoft Azure services.

The Technology

As compared to the usual Home Automation projects, where only a singular or two entities are automated, I have went ahead and integrated a Motion Sensor, a Camera, Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Light controlling functionality, all of which can be controlled via Voice Commands. This I believe is my project's USP.

Additional Details

As mentioned above the main USP of this project is Voice Commands controlled Home Automation. Using Speech Synthesis Markup Language I am able to instruct Cortana what phrases to listen to and insert basic responses for the same. 1. "Turn my lights/fan Off" - Will send a message to turn off the lights/fan. 2. "Check Temperature" - Will send a message to check temperature and send back the temperature of your room and/or garden. While I did try to integrate as many components as possible to achieve complete home automation, there is still scope to add more hardware and functionality to this project.

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