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MAKERS: saurabh , mohammed , anshal , shubham COUNTRY: India

the drone will deilver the things to their location automatically by using an android app in an orgnisation.

The Purpose

it will save the time of peoples and it can work 24*7 hours so we can use it at night.mainly i am making it for an university and college because their we need the things at night like coffee,books we have to go far from the hostel and it will take a quite long time. and it can also use as a security will be also helpful for an emergency case when we can not go far but we need the things instantelly

The Technology

we will use the gps for location tracking ,camera ,the drone is connected to wi fi of the orginastion,rasberry pi as a mother board,sensors for avoiding obstacles and a hexacopter which will fly and a robotics arms that we help to deliver the things and a display

Additional Details

we can also make the app as an offical app of the orgnisation and we can update the orginastion notices on that app.

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