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Achilles X - EMG Powered Active Lower Limb

MAKERS: Muhammad Asad , Abrahim Ali COUNTRY: Pakistan

Achilles X is a EMG powered active prosthetic limb for below the knee amputees. The leg is completely active and has a gait prediction algorithm.


The Purpose

The purpose of this project is to develop a complete active limb for below the knee amputees. The current prosthetics made are passive and just there for the cosmetic look. Its not muscle powered and the person using it walks with a limp. Hence it is necessary to make affordable active limb so that a person using it becomes a productive part of the the society.

The Technology

1. The EMG sensor acquires signals from the amputee's leg. We process the signal so that we are able to identify different types of movements. 2. An accelerometer based gait prediction mechanism is also designed which includes a push button/pressure sensor below the heel so that we can counts steps. 3. A BLDC motor with a driver circuit was also designed for foot movement. Here the signal acquired from EMG sensor is processed and based on the type of signal the motor is actuated. Position control of motor is also very important here.

Additional Details

1. The leg also comes with a mobile app to monitor the gait continuously. 2. As compared to a passive leg the person using Achilles X can be a productive part of society. 3. The overall cost of leg is 1500 USD which is way less than similar solutions available in the market. 4. The foot is made of carbon fibre which allows durability of the limb. 5. The entire circuitry is specially designed and etched on another PCB so that everything can be housed inside the aluminium shell.

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