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Smart Home Automation

MAKERS: Parthasarathi COUNTRY: India

Smart Home Automation will give accessibility to a fully automated home, where all you need is smartphone or tablet and voice control also, along with full intrusion detection.


The Purpose

The Purpose of the project is to give our today's lifestyle a smart edge. Where every appliances we use is fully automatic and it will also give us security on absence from our belongings.

The Technology

The project is done using Raspberry Pi. For internet accessibility Python Flask web server framework has been used. For Intruder detection Open-CV is piped to Python-Flask.(Still under process) For Voice assisted control Amazon Voice Services has been used.

Additional Details

1. Platform Independent accessibility over internet. 2. Sensors will auto detect and take measure against any faults. 3. Intrusion detection will keep you informed about any suspicious activity. 4. Voice assisted control will add another accessibility option.

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