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Power electronics based solar grass cutter

MAKERS: Dipakkumar , Raj , Jay , Anjal COUNTRY: India

Its work on the principle of hair trimmer concept.


The Purpose

Our project is eco friendly.

The Technology

The SOLAR GRASS CUTTER is based on power electronics. The shape of the cutter is comb-like, it moves in horizontal and vertical direction. The blade is made of carbon steel. Solar plates are used to charge the battery to operate DC motor. In our project we use monocrystalline silicon solar panel which has stationary motion. Normally monocrystalline silicon solar panel has higher efficiency as compared to others. Rechargeable batteries are used. The DC voltage is 12V. The motor used is DC gear motor, of 300rpm speed. The motor is coupled to the blade for the movement of blade. The converters used in the Machine are DC-DC converter and AC-DC converter. DC-DC converter is used when machine operate through the battery power and in another condition we use AC-DC converter which directly converts main power in to DC. AC-DC converter is also used to run DC motor. The driver circuit is made with TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic). This circuit is also used to drive the motor and protection circuit is used to protect the switching device to act against damage due to overload condition. The machine is portable. The controller circuit is made on the basis of ATMEGA-16. The main purpose to use this controller is that the ADC converters are more. LCD displays are used to indicate battery level, current and voltage rating. The structure of our project is like a chair. The roof of the machine is solar plate which can be made foldable. These type of grass i.e Cynodon grass, velvet grass, carpet grass, Paspalum grass can be cut by SOLAR GRASS CUTTER.

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