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The Moran: A Smart and Secure Home.


The Moran is a title bestowed upon the bravest of the Maasai Community warriors (Kenya). This best describes the noble idea of the project.

The Purpose

This project serves two purposes. It is a security system as well as a home automation gateway. When armed or tampered with, the system raises alarm and sends text message to the home owner. It also can be used to wirelessly control the state of appliances at home via a smartphone.

The Technology

The system is based on an Arduino Mega2560. To arm and disarm it, one has a choice of using RFID tags or a keypad. A PIR motion sensor is used to detect motion around the monitored area. A GSM module is used to send text messages when unauthorized access is determined. A siren is sounded also when this happens. A bluetooth module is used to connect to an Android device and control different appliances via relays in the home. An LCD display and an RGB led are used to display the different status of the system.

Additional Details

-Redundancy is effected in that the RFID and keypad are used interchangeably to arm and disarm the system. -The security system is tamperproof in that even when unarmed, tampering with sensors or trying too many cards or many attempts at guessing password raises an alarm and sends text. -The system can be activated or deactivated via SMS.

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