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MAKERS: Shubham , Vikrant , Akash , Vedant , Sumit COUNTRY: India

In this project ,we have tried to make home automation. In the project we made trash-bin which is a type of dustbin opens through sensor. Project is related to health.


The Purpose

Many times dustbin is covered with the many types of bacteria, Germs making us unhealthy. So we tried to create it automatically and tried to make it healthy and simply.

The Technology

In this project we use micro-controller ic (attiny13 , ATmega168X) by AVR programming . Tower servo motor(1.6 kg-cm) ,for opening head of dustbin, and sensor HCSR04 (ultrasonic sensor), HCSR04 sensor detect obstacle (hand) and give command to micro-controller,and controller gives signal to servo who open door of dustbin.that solve

Additional Details

we made AVR programming for this project ,which gives reliability to project, and it reduce cost of system. attiny 13 required less power,it can work 1 month on 9 volt battery

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