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Prosa Electric Control

MAKERS: Guilherme COUNTRY: Brazil

A PCB that monitors the power consumption of a house and sends the data to a server. The user can also dim lights and turn on/off power outlets using a smartphone.


The Purpose

This project informs the user how much energy was spent by his house before the bill arrives. It can monitor consumption of all house at once and also from 8 different rooms within it, showing exactly where energy was most spent. Data is sent to a server every 45 seconds and the user can see a graphic of the energy consumed through time. It is also possible to control power outlets and dim lights using a smartphone.

The Technology

The board has 2 ARM microcontrollers embedded (Cortex M3 and M0), and uses lwIP protocol to communicate.

Additional Details

This project aims to reduce the consumption of electricity in general, make the electric control of your house more accessible (mainly to older people and people with deficiency) and to make your home more cozy =D.

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