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Three phase linear AutoTransformer


In this prototype work by using I lamination we are going to design linear autotransformer to improve the cooling, efficiency, to reduce labor cost and also to reduce inrush current.

The Purpose

This is an innovative design of three-phase linear autotransformer with variable voltage. The design of three phase autotransformer by changing the conventional design we can reduce the costing, size, and inrush current as well as increased in efficiency.

The Technology

We named this transformer as linear autotransformer as its work in linear fashion. Working of the transformer is same as a conventional transformer with delta star connection. The primary side of transformers is connected in delta and secondary is connected in star connection. Carbon brushes are mounted on the slider for current collection. The whole three phase winding of the transformer is divided into three limbs with equal no of turns.

Additional Details

Step 3: ?MATERIAL SELECTION After calculation to design transformer which is cost effective, durable, and as per standard specification it is very challenging work. for the best optimum design the material selection plays the important role. Following three basic materials required to design transformer ? Magnetic Material (Core Material) ? Electrical Material ( Winding Material) ? Dielectric Material (Insulation Material)

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