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Valves System Micro controlled by Temperature

MAKERS: Thiago COUNTRY: Brazil

Have you ever thought about how much water is wasted after the faucet/shower opening until the water reaches the desired temperature to be used?


The Purpose

Common activities of our daily routine do need to be reviewed in order to become less impacting on the environment. The cold water waste when we open the valve of a shower is one of them. After open, we need to let the remaining cold water on the piping run away, until the desired temperature is reached. This project aims to solve this issue, allowing the water release only when the user chosen water temperature is reached.

The Technology

The use of a microcontroller to manage the control system reduces significantly the project?s final cost without jeopardizing its reliability. It allows the end user to control the desired water temperature, enabling the opening of a solenoid valve only when the heated water reaches the shower, thereby considerably reducing the cold water waste. An Interface human-machine based on LCD and 2 buttons, allows the user to choose the desired water temperature. 2 relays make the interface between control and the solenoid valves. A digital temperature sensor brings the information to LCD updated in real time.

Additional Details

Before open the manual valve, the user chooses the desired water temperature. After open the valve, the cold water is redirected to the water reservoir via solenoid valve on the piping. A temperature sensor is monitoring the water temperature at the shower/faucet. When the warm water reaches it, the solenoid valve is released redirecting the warm water to the shower/faucet. Was proved possibility to save 1298,7 water liters per month with this quick and cheap implementation.

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