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Smart Luggague Security System


To secure our luggage during a journey, we use chains and locks. We present a more secure and smart system using GPS, Touch and cut sensors and bluetooth and alarm.


The Purpose

During journey, the thing of most concern is your luggage. Securing luggage in public transports like Trains and Buses is done by conventional Lock and Chain which lack security. The purpose of this project is to increase the security of your luggage transportation.The system consists of a password protected security of luggage which can be armed and disarmed by user.It consists of touch sensor,an alarm feature, RGB indicator , tilt and cut sensor,GPS/GPRS and bluetooth connectivity. A smart phone app is synchronized with GSM and bluetooth.

The Technology

This project makes use of capacitive touch sensor which is used to sense human touch through more than quarter inches of any insulating material, enabling it to be completely visually concealed.It is used here to sense unwanted human touch. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity which helps to notify the user when he/she leaves the bag and moves away a distance of 10 m from the bag. Also, it uses the GPS/GPRS module which helps to track the bag.It is synchronised with an app which shows location of bag on google map also it has tilt and cut sensors and

Additional Details

We have developed or prototype which consists of sensors like Touch, cut and Tilt sensors and features like GPS/GPRS/Bluetooth which makes is more efficient and accurate. This prototype stands as a saviour for users' luggage against theft and misplacement.

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