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CastMinder: The Connected Cast and Splint Monitoring System

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CastMinder is a smart Bluetooth-enabled sensor system designed to predict complications in orthopedic casts and splints before they arise. The CastMinder system can also actively heal casted patients.


The Purpose

Every year, millions of casts and splints are applied to patients all over the globe. While casts and splits have been proven to be an effective device to immobilize the injured area, a variety of risks are associated with the use of such devices. For example, swelling of the casted region can cut off blood flow, necessitating expensive surgeries or even amputation. Other complications include skin infection, skin irritation, flesh necrosis, and more. My embedded CastMinder sensor nodes can actively monitor the cast or splint environment, giving doctors advance warning of possible problems.

The Technology

The primary devices in the CastMinder system are Bluetooth sensor nodes embedded inside of a cast or splint. Sensors on the nodes include a pressure sensor to detect compartment syndrome, a temperature sensor for fever monitoring, and a moisture sensor to detect bleeding and irritation. Other devices worn on the cast use electrical stimulation to lessen patient pain and stimulate bone growth. The entire system is controlled by the CastMinder iOS app, which can both analyze data to future conditions and alert medical professionals of potentially harmful changes in the status of the cast.

Additional Details

-Each node costs less than $30 (surgeries to remedy cast complications can cost thousands) -The iOS application features an easily-readable dashboard that provides information at a glance -Testers have worn CastMinder devices for hundreds of hours inside of real casts. The system worked flawlessly for each test. More photos information about CastMinder can be found at and and

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