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MAKERS: Animesh COUNTRY: India

Adds plug-and-use automation to your room in-budget and without any modification. Device fits into your existing switchboard and notifies your smartphone of real-time power-consumption of all appliances, turns into smart-home.


The Purpose

Home Automation have been there for a while but it serves only for 5-star hotels and resorts. And it generally involves a lot of modification to your room besides the budget issue. But how to introduce it to the common masses except buying pricey disco lights like Hue bulb etc. I have designed this to be simply plugged into your existing old switchboard and you have automated your room with live power consumption reading and option to switch off all appliances based on electricity bill or no occupancy in room. Thus turning even your old home into smart-home.

The Technology

IoT based technology to control electrical appliances and live online update of power consumption, human detection and room occupancy based stimuli to control the appliance based on user preferences. Further development in progress to add additional features and software stability. Will turn every home into a smart-home and hence city to smart city.

Additional Details

Progress: The prototype is ready making it ready for market with 3d-printed enclosure and PCB being designed.

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