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MAKERS: Eriko , Teruhiko COUNTRY: Japan

While emphasizing Stem education, it?s important to teach the appeal of science or technology. Our kit using AR and LRV model will increase the number of children who like science.


The Purpose

This is a kit to experience the moon. Children think about how to go to the moon by using crafts, physical knowledge or imagination. Through output of rover that children designed using 3D printers and laser cutters or the creation of AR markers , children will be able to discover the pleasure of manufacturing and the interest of technology. Furthermore, by playing with rover or AR markers that children made, children's imagination will grow.

The Technology

Our project use AR (augmented reality) and some digital fabrication technologies. By AR markers, rovers equipped with a camera show us landscape like a future moon we imagine through the display. Participants can also create own original 3D models and it'll make possible to share own imaginary moon with other people. And we suppose our team can help children learn how to use some digital fabrications i.e. laser cutter, 3D printer, etc. Our team members have full knowledge of digital fabrications. We can provide special lessons.

Additional Details

- We assume that this project is used at workshops for children. We already have workshops on trial and children?s reputation was great. - By using original texts and new technologies in practice, have children get interested in science. - We would like to give opportunities for children to think for future manned space exploration.

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