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Irrigation On Technolgy(IOT) using IoT

MAKERS: Swathi , Sujitha , Ganesh COUNTRY: India

Agriculture is an important sector which needs to be linked with technology. To satisfy the needs of the growing population with optimised usage of resources , this system is essential.


The Purpose

This project presents an automatic irrigation system using the Arduino microcontroller with soil moisture sensor and water flow management. The system works on IoT based services by which objects or things collect and exchange data when provided with a network. Here, the network communication will be established using the Wi-Fi connectivity. The system allows more integration of physical world into computer-based systems resulting in improved economic benefits.

The Technology

The proposed system provides better irrigation methods using IoT based services. The system consists of two parts: client and server. In this system the moisture sensing units will be connected to monitoring systems over Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to place the server at a remote place and transmit the information from client over a TCP/IP network. Since Wi-Fi connectivity is used the client and the server can be separated over a wide range enabling the people to control the system from anywhere. This aspect differentiates the system from existing methodologies.

Additional Details

The proposed model is to be implemented for carrying out organic farming in the field areas in colleges . The connectivity will be provided with different fields using the same server. Further it will be extended to other field areas bringing the irrigation under control for a large network. On adding drip and center pivot irrigation technologies would enhance the efficiency of the system. The inventive system will enhance the yield production and improve the economic condition.

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