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Full Range Wide Angle Portable wireless speakers

MAKERS: Patrick COUNTRY: India

This is a full range 6 speaker portable entertainment system.It has a 10000 mah battery and a unique design for a wide sound range.It has Bluetooth,USB,SD connectivity Totally costs ?1600/$24.4


The Purpose

These speaker allow you to take your songs anywhere ,get-togethers , parties ets, It produces a rich full range sound . The system is completely hand built .The total amount spent for it was just ?1600. Most portable speakers these days are pretty expensive , but this one produces the best sound with minimal price. For this price , it even has a 10000 mah battery so that you can listen to hours of music from just a single charge.It has a transparent top and a video meter to make it look cooler.

The Technology

The speakers consists of 6 speakers. A pair of tweeters for the high frequencies, a pair of 10 watt full range speakers in the front for the average frequencies and a pair of 3 watt mini woofers for the low frequency bass.It also consist of a pair of passive radiators on the front and back which gives it that deep long bass .The system consists of two 3x3 watt pam8403 class D amplifiers which is both high quality and cheap giving the a speaker a total power of 12 watts.The audio reciever board supports Bluetooth, SD card and USB

Additional Details

1. Six Speakers 2. 10000 mah battery 3. Passive radiators 4. Transparent Top 5. USB charging 6. Hand crafted 7. Bluetooth,SD and USB connectivity 8. For information on how to build one for your own , check out my Instructible page

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