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Energy harvesting by trapping incidental forms of energy(inertial energy)

MAKERS: sahitya , vedika , sivathmika , preethika , bhargavi COUNTRY: India

To introduce a novel method of power generation from one of the incidental forms of energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels,by way of easing prevalent power scenario of country.


The Purpose

In the present scenario there is a sharp decline in the non-renewable energy resources. So in order to overcome, an attempt is made to trap energy resulting from the movement of objects during their natural course of action. In this technique we make use of force given by inertia of moving bodies. Every particle in an accelerated vehicle experiences a backward force due to inertia of rest ,in case of deceleration vice versa .If this energy can be traped and converted into electricity, burden on main power stations and natural resources can be reduced to a great extent.

The Technology

To demonstrate this consider a heavy metal ball placed in isolated chamber in automobile with frictionless surface,and piezoelectric plates on opposite sides. When vehicle moves forward heavy ball experience backward force and hits piezoelectric material .while deceleration it hits opposite piezoelectric material.In order to produce considerable force,system is hybridized using hydraulic principle . i.e., p1=p2;

Additional Details

For a vehicle with constant acceleration,there will be a constant backward force acting on piston 1 ,there by fixed force acting on the pezio electric plate generating very less electricity , and also pezioeletrical material will produce electricity efficiently for pulsated force and its efficiency is directly proportional to cube of frequency. So,in order to provide this pulsed force ,we are bypassing the hydraulic fluid through an another chamber which automatically pushes the ball away soon after piston1 hitting the piezoelectric material,thereby providing pulsated force.So,with this novel process sustainable electricity generation is possible.

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