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This project aims to emprove the amputee daily life with given them to chance to get a low cost bionic hand with so much performance .

The Purpose

I?m going to create a low cost robotics prosthetics hand , and when I start this project I have no agenda ,my major goal is to offer a normal life activities using my engineering knowledge?s for those who have a missing limb . The human hand is the most complicated mechanical and biological system in our body, and presents the greatest engineering challenge for robotics. Our hand has 29 Bones, 34 Muscles and 123 ligaments. So in total there are 186 components all working together in a small package that can do so much.

The Technology

My project entails the engineering of extreme interfaces. There's three big extreme interfaces in the A-Hand, Mechanical, how the A-hand was designed to look like the real hand .Dynamic, how each part of the prosthetic hand move like flesh and bone. And Electrical, how they communicate with the nervous system. The first step in 3D printing is to create a blueprint of the project we want to print. We will do this to use of the solidworks, once we have finished design then we will send it to the printer. Then I used an Arduino uno , a mescle sensor and servomotors .

Additional Details

The design was made by a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows, this program is the so-called Solidworks.Each part was design alone, then I use the option assembly to collect them all. Microcontroller Selection : The prosthetic hand requires an on board processor capable of handling all movements of the hand addition to all sensor inputs and user feedback. A project of this nature does not require a large amount of processing power, but considering the extreme space limitations, there are many analog to digital inputs and general digital I/O necessary.

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