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MAKERS: Mohammad Mahinur , Azim , Shahriar COUNTRY: Bangladesh

AID Arm provides assistance to the paralyzed or amputees having no hand and at the same time giving the feeling that they have lost nothing. They have a real arm.


The Purpose

AID Arm is an affordable yet effective tool for people with special needs so that they can perform many daily tasks without assistance from others. The main aim of our project is to make everyday life better for those people who are underprivileged, the people who are always talked of but never helped. Those people cannot afford the high prices of a prosthetic surgery but yearn to be normal. Maybe our project won?t function like $5000 prosthetic arm but at least assist people to move on like a regular person at $ 200 or slightly around that figure.

The Technology

AID Arm effectively has two parts: the extender and the grabber. The extender segment can move forward and back, so it can extend and grab things that are out of reach and then bring it back to the person who is operating it. The grabber can be operated from a smartphone in two separate ways: voice command and touch buttons. controlling circuit is designed in a printed circuit board in a minimum space and is powered by a 12V high-density lithium polymer battery making it portable. The whole arm is controlled by two DC motors only.

Additional Details

The project is in the process of development and we are adding features step by step trying to solve the problem bit by bit. The future prospects of our project include increasing the degrees of freedom and also capturing and interpreting the signals from different muscles and using them to control the operation of the arm.

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