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Process Automation education based on Open Hardware

MAKERS: Ikram , Sondes , Nizar COUNTRY: Tunisia

This project aims to provide a simple an effective solution allowing fast prototyping, coding and control of an educational process automation system.


The Purpose

The system allows students and teachers to learn how to control a process automation using a C Code and a set of input-output interfaces interfaced with pneumatic actuators. here presented for the classical "L Cycle control"

The Technology

Relay Shield: we want to command a distributor using Arduino board but it only supports 5V voltage and 40mA so we need an intermediate to control the power. The solution here is the relay card. The module used in our project receives 5 V and manages up to 16A.Using a mechanical relay to switch Power on demand facilitates the command of actuators. OptoCouplor Shield: Optocouplor consists of a Light emitter and a light-sensitive receiver. Its role is the galvanic isolation (no electrical connection) between the control part and the power part of a system.The card has 4 inputs 24V.

Additional Details

To perform an L-shaped cycle, we have to use: * Two double acting cylinders (V1, V2) * Two electropneumatic distributors 5/2 (D1, D2) * Four switches (a1, a2) for the cylinder V1 and (b1, b2) for the cylinder V2. This cycle is carried out in 4 steps: 1- Output cylinder 1 (V1, A2) 2- Cylinder output 2 (V2, B2) 3-back to initial position The current demonstration shows how the system can be used to control a basic pneumatic process while it can be used generally with any Simple Process automation.

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