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Text Conversations With Alexa

MAKERS: Alex , Jonathan COUNTRY: United States

Allows users to text Amazons Alexa AI remotely for increased productivity, accessibility, and user population.


The Purpose

Amazons Alexa currently only allows user to speak commands through the built in microphone array. Our project allows users who are not near the echo device as well as user whom are mute or deaf able to communicate with and enjoy the benefits of Alexa all together as well as from remote locations. It also increases security, so amazons machine learning algorithms for knowing your unique speech patterns are mitigated.

The Technology

In this prototype project, text messages are received through a FONA 800 SIM module and sent as ASCII text to an ARM Cortex M3. The ASCII string is then sent to an EMIC2 TTS module and spoken to the Alexa module. Alexa's response is then sent as a text message back to Alexa. Alternatively, the user can start a chat session with Alexa from a windows application which is communicated through WiFi via an HTTP server.

Additional Details

Additional details can be found on the MBED wiki page at: This project was developed for our final project in ECE 4180 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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