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Wearable smart device incorporating real-time clock module and alcohol sensor

MAKERS: David COUNTRY: Australia

This wearable and functional device alerts the user of possible alcohol breath level exceeding a threshold limit and can be worn for an extended time due to battery saving feature.


The Purpose

In Australia, over 1 million people consume an average of eight standard drinks a day, four times what health authorities recommend. We estimate that 3 million of the nation working-age population potentially need help to ascertain their road worthiness due to intoxication from alcohol consumption. Just like how watches tell time accurately, we need a wearable device which gives an indication of alcohol intoxication level. In this project, we develop a low-cost, wearable device which alerts the user of possible alcohol breath above a threshold limit and can be worn for an extended time due to energy saving features.

The Technology

The device is built using a combination of Arduino electronics and sensors, and encased in 3D-printed ABS bracelet. A 4-digit 7-segment LED display on board is used to display time which is tracked using a real-time clock module. A 3-axis accelerometer determines the orientation of the device and activates the display only when it is held in a specific orientation by the user, to conserve battery. The alcohol sensor is sensitive to alcohol content in the air. It has been tested with ethanol, wine and beer with various alcohol content. The device is powered using a 5V battery.

Additional Details

- Appeared in ( and subsequently other online publications worldwide - Displayed at the IEEE Women in Engineering Energised Fashion Runway 2015 ( - Presented at DesTech 2016 conference (

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