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Smart Home Automation System


Sometimes performing some common daily chores like opening the door, toggling the lights manually seems too mainstream. This project strives to automate these and increase productivity in the long run.


The Purpose

Smart Home Automation System's main purpose is to automate common operations in a household which leads to a direct increase in productivity and simplification of the regular process that a human being has to perform. "Open if and only if Person X is knocking at the Door" - is a usual phrase we get to hear. But executing such task without requiring any user movement is what this project strives to achieve.

The Technology

The technology stack used to develop this Smart Home Automation System includes an Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller, an L298N Motor Driver, breadboard, LEDs, DC motor and connecting wires. What it does collectively is to capture a live feed from the outside of the house and transfer this to the central PC to detect faces, if someone is there, face recognition system will sound an alert, after which the administrator can choose whether to unlock the door or not, after seeing the visitor's face. AUTOPILOT mode can do the above without any intervention. Other functionalities include Automatic Lighting, and automatic Temperature-Based-Thermal-Control.

Additional Details

1. This project uses the Open Source Computer Vision library for capturing and analyzing the video feed coming in from a remote device. 2. This project has made use of Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller which has been programmed to suit certain needs of the software (entire project has been developed using the Java language). 3. All actions taken by the microcontroller are logged into the central database (MySQL) for security reasons. (Entries can be accessed through a web portal to gain insights about which activities have taken place autonomously, without any intervention of the administrator.)

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