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UDCRS (User-Defined Cognitive Radio System)

MAKERS: Samhita , Shubham , Rohit COUNTRY: India

A scalable intelligent mobile network, alternative to the GSM system, which adapts to increase in usage, changing topography, is secure from wireless tapping and can be monitored and controlled remotely.


The Purpose

Number of mobile subscribers has reached 7.2 billion this year and current global per capita data usage is 2.1 GB/month, with both increasing rapidly (Ericsson). These trends represent a significant challenge to the current GSM architecture to deliver growth. Our concept is future proof in terms of handling greater capacity and number of mobile devices by way of smarter allocation of spectrum, and better coverage of devices using smart antenna which can change radiation pattern depending on the density and priority of users. This concept also gives the operator control of the system over the internet via a web interface.

The Technology

Integrating several features makes our project unique. - Cognitive radio: Implemented on Arduino Due and Nordic NRF24l01+ to demonstrate Spectrum Scanning and Allocation. - Reconfigurable Antenna (R.A.): Designed in Ansys-HFSS with PCB designing on Eagle-CAD, it is a grid array (3x3) of patch antennae, software-controlled activation for reconfigurable radiation field. - Frequency Hopping: TX/RX every new data packet on a new frequency changing at the rate of 200us with the NRF24l01+ - WebServer Monitoring: Simple Webserver with Ajax graphs (as a spectrum analyzer ) and Antennae control with NodeMCU for wireless control. - Prototype Phone: Full duplex comm. powered by Arduino Nano

Additional Details

- The system utilizes the 2.4 GHz ISM band (2.4-2.525 Ghz). - Channel size of 1 MHz for uplink and downlink offering 1 Mbps connection speed. - Dynamic Spectrum Allocation - Using the Spectrum Scanning feature we are able to recognize the channel currently under utilization after which our main switching centre allocates the channels to different devices based on availability of channels. - When a user is out of reception area, the system allows a user to make "Adhoc Network" and connect to another user (upto a certain distance) who is in the coverage area.

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