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End to End Voice Encryption between Raspberry pi and PC


End to End Voice Encryption (Secure voice) between Raspberry pi and PC using AES with Java.

The Purpose

The value of encryption increases over time simply because encryption keeps your call from eavesdroppers and protects confidential data, Obviously it shows more value when it comes to military or financials affairs.

The Technology

The system consists of two terminals, a PC and a Raspberry PI on same network each of them runs an application. Java provides us a way to capture sound data (Digital) from a mic through TargetDataLine interface. Captured data is saved to a byte buffer array and then the encryption process made on this array using AES algorithm and finally it is sent through the UDP socket to receiver. On the receiver side, the packet is received and converted from encrypted form and sent the voice data to the speaker. I used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with 128 bit key.

Additional Details

Project page in my web site: Source code: Test video:

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