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AI assistant for Smart-car (PaiBot)

MAKERS: Prafulla COUNTRY: India

if car running low on oil, show a picture of where to add some in the engine. Bot will connects to your smartphone and controls your music, maps, find restaurant,


The Purpose

We just started working on the project. I made Intelligent Personal Assistant Resume Bot! ( to learn about Technology. AI assistant will be the most useful personal driving assistant to keep you safe and make the journey more efficient and enjoyable. Bot will be able to connect to diagnostic equipment. if you?re running low on oil, a bot could explain which oil to use, show a picture of where to add some in the engine, and then set a new reminder about a future oil change. An AI could do much more than.

The Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to understand what the user is saying, and to make suggestions or act on that language input. many Hardware will be used. GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth Remote Controller, Sensors will used. Advanced Driving Assistance System

Additional Details

-Search for the nearest restaurant -Avoid traffic jams by using real-time traffic information -Use turn-by-turn GPS navigation to get where you need to go -Be alerted to speed-limit changes and traffic cameras -Search for service stations or Yelp as you need

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