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Blind Navigation Tool for Visually Impaired Person

MAKERS: Meenatchi COUNTRY: India

In our society the sufferings of blind people know no bounds. In order to reduce their sufferings, we made a prototype to improve their life


The Purpose

The main goal of the project is to provide an efficient navigation aid for visually impaired people which gives a sense of artificial vision by providing information about the environmental scenario. The device can detect multiple object (Upto 4 meters) and returns feedback with voice output and vibration.

The Technology

The development system can able to detect five obstacles such as pit, lamp post/tress, pavement up,pavement down . The device incorporates 2 ultrasonic sensor, arduino uno, 2 servo motor(sensor rotation to cover the surrounding area), vibrator and headphone physically mounted on a waist belt. Ultrasonic sensors are used to calculate the distance of the obstacles and send the information to arduino. Arduino will control the servo motor rotation for the sensor and provide the output response to headphone, vibrator. Headphone will provide the voice output (e.g pit, tree) to aware the subject about in-front obstacles. The device can be operated by pressing a ON/OFF

Additional Details

Till now, there is no device for blind people to detect multiple object with voice output & vibration. So Believe that even the blind in noisy environment, they can feel vibration based on the distance of obstacles. If the distance is more, vibration will be low, If closer, vibration will be high. Projected this project with head of Don Burns and Kiran Bedi. Got UNESCO certificate for this work

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